Dominican Republic Wedding Photographer's Stories

Sometimes daily things remind me of a particular event.  Every time I hear a glass break it reminds me of a wedding I had to shoot here in the Dominican Republic.

I remember this couple that got married in the colonial city of Santo Domingo.  The beautiful church they got married was just steps away from the restaurant where the reception was to take place.

I vividly remember talking to the couple and telling them it would be nice to start the family portraits right away since it was a destination wedding, you know, few people but some of the bride's guests came from the USA just for the wedding and had to leave early next day. It was one of those formal weddings where pictures were to be taken with everyone.

After that,  while I was getting my camera, I heard the sound of breaking glass. You know how it is in these situations, everyone looked at where the sound came from. Well, it was the groom! He smashed the glass to the ground while talking to the bride and  left. Yep . He left. He just left.

After a minute or two I went outside to see if he was out there taking a smoke or something....but no. He really left. Gone.

I went inside and talked to the bride (witch, by the way, I had just met a couple of hours earlier). She said that everything was to go as planned. The family pictures (with out the groom), the first dance (without the groom, but with her father), the cake, the throwing of the bouquet, etc., etc, was to be done without the groom.

So I did.

Fast forward to 3 am in the morning,  the bride was dancing on top of a table with a bottle in her hand and I was still shooting that Nikon hard! She was happy! Having the fun of her life. Dancing the night away!

Breaking glass always reminds me of this akward situation. Wonder why. Hmmm.