Metal photos for a new decor look...!

Metal prints are in. The image is infused right into the surface of a specially treated, lightweight sheet of high gloss aluminum. So they are very durable. These metal prints are waterproof, weatherproof, and scratch resistant. They are maintained  with a simple glass cleaner. Yep, that's it!

Here is a video about metal prints. It's in Spanish. Please contact me through "Contact me" if you have any questions about metal prints. I'm here to help.

Las copias de imágenes en metal son muy duraderas y facil de mantener. Son resistentes al agua, clima y rayados. Las fotos en metal son usadas tanto en interiores como en exteriores y dan un "look" muy moderno a una decoración. Favor contactarme por "Contact me" si quieren saber mas de este producto, estoy para ayudar. Aqui el video.